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Devin Scillian & Arizona Son Live

Channel 4's Devin Scillian & Arizona Son

Devin Scillian is the familiar face behind Channel 4’s news desk and the musical maestro who clinched the Detroit Music Award for Best Country Performer. Leading the charge with Arizona Son, Devin’s been strumming tunes and winning hearts for over a decade, bringing a delightful mix of traditional country, bluegrass, and southern rock to eager audiences.

More than just a news anchor, Devin’s a seasoned musician with four albums of toe-tapping originals under his belt. If you’re catching vibes from the summer concert circuit, chances are you’ll find Devin and Arizona Son dishing out incredible performances that never fail to hit the right notes.

Devin’s shared the spotlight with country greats like Toby Keith, Reba McEntire, and LeAnn Rimes. His seamless transition from newsman to stage sensation underscores his versatility and approachability.

If you’re considering booking, get ready for a fantastic time with Devin Scillian and Arizona Son. It’s not just a show; it’s an invitation to join the fun!

The KufflinKs

The official “Michigan Event Band.” The KufflinKs have devoted themselves to crafting an extraordinary musical experience that lingers in the hearts of all who attend. Their signature ragtime and roaring ’20s twist on beloved songs creates a captivating fusion of classic nostalgia with a modern flair.

Distinguished as one of the most exceptional Michigan cover bands, The KufflinKs bring a unique freshness and contagious excitement to the stage. Their inimitable style places them in a league of their own, ensuring that every performance is an unparalleled spectacle.

For those seeking to make their event truly stand out, The KufflinKs are the secret ingredient for leaving a lasting impression. This one-of-a-kind quartet, with its banjo, trombone, stand-up bass, drums, and four-part harmonies, promises a classy, rowdy, and surprise-filled experience.

Don’t miss the chance to infuse your event with the magic of The KufflinKs. Make your occasion memorable with the perfect blend of timeless charm and vivacity, courtesy of the finest Michigan Event Band. Book The KufflinKs now and transform your event into an unforgettable celebration!

Atomic Radio Logo
Atomic Radio Promo Picture

Atomic Radio

Atomic Radio is the unrivaled powerhouse in the Metro Detroit area, setting the stage on fire with their electrifying performances! Known as “Detroit’s Premiere Cover Band,” this dynamic ensemble delivers a captivating repertoire of Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop hits. Comprising four exceptionally talented members, Atomic Radio pays homage to the iconic sounds of the 1980s, seamlessly transitioning from Bon Jovi’s anthemic “Livin’ On A Prayer” to the rap stylings of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” Their concerts are not just events; they are experiences that leave audiences in awe.

This 5-piece band is a collective of seasoned professionals, boasting members who were part of the renowned 50 Amp Fuse and Killer Flamingos. Atomic Radio brings the perfect blend of experience and innovation to every performance. Their mission is clear: to rock your party and fill the dancefloor. With a repertoire spanning Oldies, Motown, pop, rock, 80s, 90s, and today’s chart-toppers, Atomic Radio ensures there’s something for everyone. Using state-of-the-art technology, they create an immersive and unforgettable atmosphere, giving you and your guests a night to remember. For a hip, cool vibe and entertainment that transcends expectations, Atomic Radio is the ultimate choice.

Not 2 Nite Logo
Not 2 Nite Promo Photo

Not 2 Nite

Set sail on a musical odyssey with Not 2 Nite, a band that explores a range of tunes—from chill Yacht Rock to Classic Rock, 80s vibes, and danceable 70s hits, all the way to easygoing Mellow Standards.

Feel the laid-back Yacht Rock vibes and turn up the volume to classic rock anthems. Not 2 Nite takes you through music history, bringing back feel-good beats from the 80s and timeless dance tunes from the 70s.

This passionate band promises a musical experience for everyone, whether you’re swaying to easy tunes or hitting the dance floor for lively hits. Whether it’s a relaxed gathering or a lively celebration, their mix of songs ensures a good time for everyone. When you’re looking to hire local bands, set sail with Not 2 Nite for a memorable time for all ages.

Rock Bottom Logo
Rock Bottom | Gallatin Entertainment

Rock Bottom

RockBottom isn’t just a rock n’ roll band; they’re the explosive heartbeat of Detroit’s legendary music scene! With decades of electrifying performances under their belts, they’ve conquered the stages of the Motor City and beyond.

These rock rebels channel the spirits of Detroit’s music legends, infusing their sound with a funky, pulse-pounding groove as they weave a sonic tapestry spanning the entire rock spectrum from the swinging 60s to the present day.

But RockBottom isn’t content with just club gigs; they’re a musical force that can’t be contained. From bars to social soirées, raging parties, and even major indoor/outdoor extravaganzas, they’ve left their mark everywhere. The Woodward Dream Cruises, City Festivals, and Corporate events have all witnessed the RockBottom revolution. Spreading their explosive energy wherever they roam, get ready to experience the wild ride that is RockBottom!

The Best Cover Bands in Michigan

Common Ground (country/classic rock), Arizona Son (country),
Minimum Wage (country), The None-Others (original folk/comedy)

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Looking to book live entertainment for your event? Gallatin Entertainment, founded by industry veteran Tom Tesnow, is your go-to Michigan Booking Agency. Beyond mere bookings, it embodies a rich musical legacy and a lifelong passion for exceptional live entertainment.

Tom, renowned for publishing The Magazine of Country Music for 40 years, has a deep background in the music industry. The magazine, now in the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, holds the record as the longest-running country music publication. Tom’s journey has uniquely positioned Gallatin Entertainment as more than just a booking agency—it’s a curator of experiences, bridging past beats with present rhythms.

Our roster features diverse talent, from local gems to nationally acclaimed acts like Channel 4’s Devin Scillian, Tommy Steele Band, Alan Turner’s Ultimate Kenny Rogers Tribute Show, The KufflinKs, and Jim Gold, all embodying exceptional live entertainment.

What sets us apart? It’s not just booking bands; it’s entrusting your event to a team with unparalleled music commitment and industry knowledge. Tom Tesnow’s journey, from founding the magazine to managing countless bands, infuses Gallatin Entertainment with a unique understanding of unforgettable events.

Planning a concert series, festival, fair, or any event that needs a soundtrack? Gallatin Entertainment is here to guide you, ensuring the perfect entertainment aligned with your vision. Your event isn’t just another booking; it’s an opportunity to create memories through the power of music.

To book live entertainment that transcends the ordinary, reach out to Tom Tesnow at 810.343.0617 or send an email to 
gallatinentertainment@gmail.com. With the best live cover bands and tribute bands in our repertoire, Gallatin Entertainment is ready to transform your event into an unforgettable melody.

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