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Tommy Steele Band | Gallatin Entertainment

Tommy Steele Band

With a sound echoing the passion of early Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tommy Steele is a powerhouse blend of rock and country influences. In 2009, his Nashville-produced CD, “THE LONG HAUL,” marked a breakthrough with hit singles like “Watching Love Grow” and “Forever 17.”

Tommy has graced national stages, opening for Big & Rich and sharing platforms with stars like Leann Rimes and Dwight Yoakam. His live shows are thrilling, showcasing the raw energy that defines his music. From intimate clubs to major festivals, Tommy Steele’s performances leave a lasting impression.

Rooted in blue-collar values, Tommy draws inspiration from family and life experiences. His journey continues with a highly anticipated 5th studio record, promising an exciting new chapter in his musical story. For an unforgettable live experience, book Tommy Steele and witness the power of his music firsthand. Original country band.

Jim Gold - Gallatin Entertainment

Jim Gold

Detroit-born Jim Gold, a seasoned songwriter and guitarist since fourteen, hit the big leagues in 1971 when discovered at the Poison Apple club by Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore. Collaborating with them birthed Gallery, producing hits like “Nice To Be With You” and “I Believe in Music.” Gallery earned accolades in 1972, voted Best New Single’s Group by Cash Box and Best Vocal Group by Record World.

After touring with renowned artists in 1972 and 1973, Gallery folded in 1976 with Sussex Records. Jim Gold embarked on a solo career, releasing “I Can’t Face Another Day Without You” (1976) and “Hometown Hero” (1978) to critical acclaim. His song “Midnight Lady” featured on Cory Wells’ 1979 solo album.

“Nice To Be With You” reached one million radio plays, earning Jim an award from BMI Publishing. With over 4 million performances, it remains a timeless success, showcasing Jim Gold’s enduring impact in the music industry.

The None-Others

Introducing The None-Others, a dynamic and original musical force hailing from the eclectic minds of two Michiganders on a comedic rock crusade. With a unique blend of scattered yet sincere thoughts, this dynamic duo transforms their comedic genius into a musical extravaganza that defies conventional genres.

The None-Others are not just a band; they are a comedic duo that rocks the stage with an unmatched energy and a penchant for entertaining their audience. Their performances are a rollercoaster ride through a carnival of influences, leaving audiences laughing, tapping their feet, and wondering what unexpected twist will come next.

Get ready to experience a musical and comedic adventure like no other, as The None-Others break down boundaries, redefine genres, and prove that laughter and rock can coexist harmoniously. Book them now for an unforgettable entertainment experience that promises to be none-other!

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Gallatin Entertainment | Michigan Booking Agency

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Looking to book live entertainment for your event? Gallatin Entertainment, founded by industry veteran Tom Tesnow, is your go-to Michigan Booking Agency. Beyond mere bookings, it embodies a rich musical legacy and a lifelong passion for exceptional live entertainment.

Tom, renowned for publishing The Magazine of Country Music for 40 years, has a deep background in the music industry. The magazine, now in the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, holds the record as the longest-running country music publication. Tom’s journey has uniquely positioned Gallatin Entertainment as more than just a booking agency—it’s a curator of experiences, bridging past beats with present rhythms.

Our roster features diverse talent, from local gems to nationally acclaimed acts like Channel 4’s Devin Scillian, Tommy Steele Band, Alan Turner’s Ultimate Kenny Rogers Tribute Show, The KufflinKs, and Jim Gold, all embodying exceptional live entertainment.

What sets us apart? It’s not just booking bands; it’s entrusting your event to a team with unparalleled music commitment and industry knowledge. Tom Tesnow’s journey, from founding the magazine to managing countless bands, infuses Gallatin Entertainment with a unique understanding of unforgettable events.

Planning a concert series, festival, fair, or any event that needs a soundtrack? Gallatin Entertainment is here to guide you, ensuring the perfect entertainment aligned with your vision. Your event isn’t just another booking; it’s an opportunity to create memories through the power of music.

To book live entertainment that transcends the ordinary, reach out to Tom Tesnow at 810.343.0617 or send an email to 
gallatinentertainment@gmail.com. With the best live cover bands and tribute bands in our repertoire, Gallatin Entertainment is ready to transform your event into an unforgettable melody.

Tom Tesnow with artists throughout the years

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